Find ARAB BANK PLC SWIFT/BIC code United States of America



What is SWIFT Code of ARAB BANK PLC?

 SWIFT code of ARAB BANK PLC is 11 digit code.First of all, let's know about the use of swift code is used for transfer money internationally one bank account to another bank account. Society For Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication is a full form of SWIFT code. SWIFT code is also known as a BIC code.BIC code stands for Bank identifier codes.SWIFT code or BIC code are approved by the ISO(International Organization for Standardization).

find bank IFSC/MICR Code

what happens if ARAB BANK PLC swift code are wrong?

when you request for money transfer and set ARAB BANK PLC SWIFT code wrong money will be debited from your account.but when checking about ARAB BANK PLC SWIFT code if it was wrong then money not transfer and it will be credited into your ARAB BANK PLC account.

Is the SWIFT code or BIC code of ARAB BANK PLC are same?

yes, SWIFT code or BIC code of ARAB BANK PLC is the same. if anyone is asked you for BIC code of ARAB BANK PLC it means they asked for your of ARAB BANK PLC SWIFT code. we can use both names.

Is the swift code same for all branches of ARAB BANK PLC?

The answer is YES OR NO. Both answers are right. lets understand that in some rural branch of ARAB BANK PLC have no own swift code at that time there ARAB BANK PLC main branch means primary branch swift code consider as that branch swift code mean in this rural branch swift code is same as primary branch And in some branch located in city area and do international transection at that time every branch have their own shift code.

how can I find ARAB BANK PLC swift code?

you can find swift code at ARAB BANK PLC website also asked on ARAB BANK PLC customer care number. and this is some website where you find your bank swift code by an easily selecting United States of America country, ARAB BANK PLC bank, your city, and your branch at

what if my ARAB BANK PLC doesn't have SWIFT code?

Quote SWIFT code of the nearest branch ofARAB BANK PLC and use that code as swift code.

How much money ARAB BANK PLC charge for international money transfer?

its totally depends on ARAB BANK PLC. your ARAB BANK PLC charge up to $50 dollar for transfer money .

Advantages and Disadvantages transfer money by SWIFT code.

Advantages of SWIFT code

  • provide high security for money transfer anywhere in the world.
  • transfer any amount of money.
  • if swift code is wrong money will be credited in the account.

Disadvantages of SWIFT code

  • its take up to five days for money transfer.
  • if the exchange rate is high you might lose money.


SWIFT code ARAB BANK PLC consists 8 or 11 characters:(ex. MRMDUS33CLS).

  • 1-4 characters is a bank code:(ex. MRMDxxxxxxx).
  • 5-6 characters is a country code:(ex. xxxxUSxxxxx).
  • 7-8 characters is a location code:(ex. xxxxxx33xxx).
  • 9-11 characters is a bank branch code, it is optional (letters and digits)(ex. xxxxxxxxCLS).

Difference between SWIFT Code & IFSC Code



It is used for transfer money via wire transfer between two oversea banks. It is used for transfer money via wire transfer between two banks in India.
It is an 8 or 11 digit code. It is an 11-digit code.
1-4 characters is a bank code. 1-4 characters show the bank name.
5-6 characters show country code. 5th characters always 0(ZERO).
7-11 digits speak to the bank area. IN 7-11 characters 7-8 characters are location code and 9-11 characters are bank branch code (9-11 characters is optional).

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